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Hydro Jetting or Hydro Jet Plumbing is the most effective plumbing solution to clear out recurring clogs and slows drains. It is environment-friendly and non-toxic. The clean-out process involves only a high-pressure stream or flow of water and NO CHEMICALS to remove debris or mineral/grease buildups inside your sewer pipes. 

Clogs in your sewer line or slow water flow in your drain, can lead to sewer backups and overflows. If you’re experiencing such a situation, hydro Jet Plumbing would be a smart choice to get back a clog-free drainage system. Hydro Jetting is a long-term solution and is more prevalent to plumbers nowadays.

Hydro jetting is a complicated task that needs the use of highly durable hose pipes, a high-tech hydro jetting machine to force water into the pipe. The process requires experts attention to inspect and measure required pressure for the cleanup process. 

There are few alternatives to hydro jet plumbing available. Those process includes using tools like an auger, plumbing snakes, and plungers. Snaking used to be more popular among plumbers before hydro jetting was introduced. Local plumbers may still use this method to clear out pipes, and they do work on smaller clogs. But the main problem with Snaking is that this process only creates a hole in the clogs, and can’t prevent early grease/mineral buildups. Sometimes, snaking even pushes the waste deeper into the pipe causing more complicated problems.

On the other hand, Hydro Jet Plumbing can unclog any obstructions no matter how thick and hard it is. Sometimes, tree roots find their way inside plumbing pipes and cause huge blockages. Hydro jet plumbing can even break these tree roots, and remove them while they’re still smaller.


Hydro Jet Plumbing should not be done by an amateur plumber. You should not rush into the process without a proper inspection & measurement.

If the pipe you’re about to hydro jet is old or damaged by root infestation or any other means, the high-pressure water flow will only damage it more resulting in expensive pipe replacement. The pressure of the water stream must also be calculated carefully to avoid damage to your system. For these reasons, you must choose your hydro jet cleaner service very carefully. If you fail to do so, you may face even bigger problems as side effects of hydro jetting.

hydro jetting has both positive and negative sides if not done by an expert plumber. Hydro Jet Plumbing is neither a DIY (do it yourself) project, nor should be done by your local plumber. Only an expert hydro jet plumber will know the amount of pressure required to break up and dislodge obstructions without damaging the pipe.

NOTE: You can Hydro Jet grease trap & grease interceptor to clean up FOG buildups too. But we suggest grease trap/interceptor pumping before the cleanup for a more effective result.

If you’re looking for a professional, hydro jetting expert plumber, Call The Grease Company today. Our goal is simple, and that is to find the most cost-effective, and long-term solution for our customers. We always take the time to prevent any unnecessary additional cost if we can. Click here to learn more about the Grease Company.

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Professional & Reliable Hydro Jetting Service in LA

Is your business located in California? Are you experiencing slow water flow in your sewer line? If that’s case, call us today. The Grease Company is a professional, fast, reliable and experienced Hydro Jet Plumbing Company in California. We’re providing hydro jetting services in many cities of California for many years. We have a highly trained team of hydro jetting technicians, and are equipped with the best hydro jet plumbing technology. Call us to get your quote today.

Hydro Jett Plumbing Service

Our Service Area

We provide our service in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, Riverside, and Santa Barbara Counties

Description of our service

After you share the details conditions of your pipe with us we will do a video camera inspection to make sure hydro jetting is required. If it turns out your pipe require hydro jet plumbing, we’ll pick a suitable spot in the pipe to insert hose. After checking the durability of your pipe, we’ll measure the amount of pressure required and start shooting water flow inside the pipe with hydro jetting machine. After the process is completed we’ll do another visual inspection to make sure there is no more grease or mineral buildups stuck in the inside wall of the pipe.

Cost Of hydro jet plumbing service

Pricing of hydro jetting service varies based on the size, length, condition of the pipe, time, and workforce required to complete the task.  Contact us to get your quote today. 

Our Service Includes: Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Plan

With our service, we’ll provide you with a hydro-jetting service preventative schedule to ensure your pipes are always free from grease or mineral buildups and preventing clogs or overflow that might affect your business. Usually Hydro Jet Plumbing Service is required quarterly to ensure that the lines are free from any sewer or kitchen waste build-ups.

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