Grease Trap Replacement

Grease Trap Replacement

Grease trap replacement is not a DIY project because of the complexity of the device and should be replaced only by a grease trap expert company.

Do you own a commercial kitchen? If you do, you probably have a grease trap installed in your kitchen.

Grease traps are one of the most important components of restaurants and businesses in the food & beverage industry. The device prevents harmful substances, such as FOGS from entering our sewerage system. By doing that, it saves commercial kitchens from various plumbing issues such as sewer backups & overflows, and the city from grease pollution.

How? Here’s how – Restaurants & commercial kitchens cook food all day long for their millions of hungry customers. They produce an abundant amount of food waste which they flush down the sink. Before this wastewater (consist of food particles, animal fats, vegetable oils, grease) can enter the sewerage system, a grease trap catches everything that shouldn’t enter the main water lines. If these FOGS are allowed to reach the drainage system of our establishment, and the city, they can clog pipes; can even form ‘fatbergs’ causing costly sewer damage, overflows, and public health risk. That’s the reason why municipalities all around the USA have declared ‘installing a grease trap’ mandatory for commercial kitchens.

Regular grease trap cleaning is important for the grease trap to work effectively, and last longer. But nothing can last forever, and naturally, grease traps break too over time and require replacement.

Grease traps are unsung heroes of our commercial kitchen and deserve proper maintenance. For a grease trap to work effectively, it must be inspected regularly and emptied whenever FOG content reaches 25% of the total holding capacity.

Is It Time for Grease Trap Replacement?

negligence and recklessness about grease trap maintenance can cause serious issues including damaging the device. To avoid such problems, you should never forget to check on your grease trap every week to know when your trap needs maintenance service. However, as mentioned earlier in this article, the grease trap can get broken over time even if you don’t ignore maintaining your grease trap. So, always look for the following signs that indicate, it’s time to replace your grease trap –

  1. Bad Smell: If you fail to clean your grease trap for a long time, there will be an unpleasant odor in your kitchen, which tends to stay even after a full line of clean-up. The constant accumulation of food waste in the device causes this terrible smell. When this happens, it means your device isn’t working properly and needs grease trap cleaning & pumping. But if this isn’t solved even after that, you will probably need grease trap replacement
  2. Clogs in the pipes: When clogs tend to build up inside your pipe even though you clean your grease trap regularly, your grease trap needs to be replaced cause it is leaking, and letting FOG reach the sewer pipes.
  3. Look for Holes: Sludge that is held inside the grease trap is mainly food particles. They get rotten over time and produce different toxic elements including Sulphuric Acid which can cause corrosion of the grease trap walls, and create holes. Always inspect regularly to check if there are any holes created in the wall of your device.
  4. Metal-made Grease Traps: Some of the grease traps are made with metal. This type of grease trap has a lifespan of five to seven years. After that, you may need to replace your grease trap anytime.
  5. Frequent need for pumping: If you notice that your grease trap needs more pumping these days if means that it is no longer working effectively and you should replace that.
NOTE: It is better to use a plastic made grease trap to avoid corrosion and rust.

When you recognize these signs, be sure to act in time before any damage may occur. Grease traps are complex instruments with multiple components, and you should hire a professional & experienced grease trap plumber with a good reputation.

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Noxious smells in the kitchen, sewer backups, and overflows are caused by grease trap failure resulting in business loss for commercial kitchens. If you see any sign mentioned above, don’t hesitate – call THE GREASE COMPANY immediately. We’re available 24/7 as we understand the value of our customers business. Follow our blogs regularly to keep your grease trap in good condition, and to ensure you are compliant with ordinances of the municipality.

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When your grease trap is broken, you ought to experience different plumbing issues such as sewer backups, further leakage from occurring, and contamination. Replacing your grease trap will solve all of these issues. When replacing a grease trap, the plumbing lines are reworked and readjusted to guarantee the liquid flow is sound. Faulty plumbing on grease traps will affect the drainage, causing the device to work improperly, leading to overflow and line blockage. A new grease trap will come with all-new plumbing connections, inlet, and outlet baffle FOGS stopper. Aside from leakage, an old grease trap will likely have eroded baffles, which is necessary to prevent grease backflow into the kitchen inlet line and release grease waste from the grease trap’s exit path to the main sewer line. Approved waste disposal site by a licensed grease hauler. If you fail to comply, can lead you to citations, fines or revocation of your business license.

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Cost of a grease trap replacement can vary from 250$ to 1500$ depending on the type, size, location of installation, and some other factors. Contact us to get a clear quote.

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