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Grease Trap Cleaning Service

The grease trap is a plumbing device,  that needs regular cleaning service. The device is mainly used in commercial kitchens that produce tons of FOGS – animal fats, vegetable oils, grease, and solids every day when they cook foods for their millions of hungry customers. These FOGS must be stopped from entering the main sewer line as they can create clogs or blockage, and can affect the water supply system of a city. They can also ruin natural water resources if not prevented from getting in touch with them. This is where grease traps come in handy.

The device is usually found under the kitchen sink, installed in between the main sewer line and the sink pipe. Wastewater that flows from the sink enters the trap before they are allowed to reach the main drainage system. The baffling structure of the trap cools them down so that they can get separated into three layers. Grease is less dense (about 10 to 15 percent) from water, so they float on top of the water and stays in the top layer. Solids are heavier, and they remain in the bottom layer.

Then the filtered wastewater in the middle layer is allowed to leave the trap to the main sewerage system. It is very simple, right? But this simple principle has been saving millions of dollars of municipalities and saving the environment of our cities & commercial kitchen since the 1880s. It is ordinated as mandatory to install a grease trap (or interceptor, depending on the size of the kitchen) by the city authorities all around the USA.

Never Forget to Clean your Grease Trap on Time

Grease traps filter the FOGS from the wastewater coming out of kitchen drains, dishwashers, and sinks, and allow the water to enter the sewerage system without any hindrance. But just as many other appliances used in a kitchen, a grease trap requires regular maintenance, grease trap pumping, cleaning to function effectively. Why?

FOGS consist of solid food particles, which get rotten over time. Usually, the FOGS control tank is quite capable of holding this rotten odor inside the device. But when there is too much (more than 25% of total holding capacity) sludge stored in the tank, these odor tends to come out of the trap and ruin the environment of your kitchen and even the dining area. When you run a food service business, rotten food smell in your establishment is the last thing you want.

Sometimes, when sludges are trapped inside the trap for too long, they break down producing extremely toxic Sulphuric Acid which can damage the steel walls of the tank. If that happens, you’ll have to replace your tank and that is quite expensive.

Grease traps consistently filter FOGS from the wastewater and capture grease on top and solids at the bottom of the tank. When the trap is not cleaned on a regular basis, waste will pile up in the tank causing FOGS to flow down in the sewer system. Eventually, this will create clogs or severe blockage in the drainage system, causing backups and overflows.

Clean Your Grease Trap to Avoid Citations

Like it is mandatory to install a grease trap in any type of commercial kitchen, it is also mandatory by the law to do grease trap cleaning and grease trap pumping when required. If you don’t you’ll get citations by the city authority and might have to face penalties (fine up to 2000 dollars or suspension of business license). So, don’t be late to hire a professional grease trap cleaning and pumping service when you need one

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Grease Trap Cleaning Service in LA

Grease Traps are complicated devices and you should get professional help in cleaning your grease trap. While choosing a professional grease trap cleaner, you must keep in mind that the company you choose must be licensed by the CDFA (California Department of Food & Agriculture) to comply. FOGS must be hauled and disposed of according to the regulations set by the state, city, and county.

You must ensure that the grease trap pumping and cleaning company can provide a manifestation report as proof that all FOGS are disposed of correctly, without which you might still be issued a citation or fine by the municipality.

The Grease Company can get the job done. We’re a licensed grease trap pumping company with tons of experience in our backpack. Call us today to learn more about our services or to receive your quote.

Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Our Service Area

We provide our service in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, Riverside, and Santa Barbara Counties

Description of our service

We will response to your call and set an appointment for emergency repair, we’re available 24/7. We’ll arrive at your place and do a thorough inspection of your device. After we get a clear idea about the condition of your grease interceptor, we’ll give you a quote. We’ll asses the problem, and go as far as we can to find you a long term solution. We’ll provide you with a detailed report on the description of the issues and, resolution we did.

Cost of Grease Trap Cleaning

The Cost of a grease trap cleaning service may vary depending on the size and location of the trap, amount of FOGS stuck inside and time of the whole cleaning operation. Usually the cost is between 175$ to 475$. Call us today to talk to our live representative to get a clear quote for your grease trap.

Grease Trap Cleaning Schedule

We provide our services during non peak hours so that your business get minimal interruption. We will also set up a preventative grease maintenance schedule to avoid unwanted backups calculating the size of the trap, volume of grease and amount of grease produced every day in your kitchen.

We're Available 24/7 for any emergency

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