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Grease Trap Cleaning in Los Angeles for Commercial kitchens


Are you looking for a reliable grease trap cleaning company in Los Angeles, California? The Grease Company has been providing grease management solution for commercial kitchens in your area for more than 12 years. Call us to get your quote.

Grease Trap Cleaning in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, with a population of 3,898,747, is the largest city in California, and the second largest in the USA. There are more than 29000 restaurants in LA to serve foods and drinks to this large number of people everyday. According to a statistics, restaurant owners earn 33000 USD to 145000 USD annually. So, there’s no scope of doubt food business in Los Angeles is hugely profitable and the same time highly competitive. To stay in the competition, restaurant owners have to strictly maintain the quality of their food & service, along with a neat and clean dining place and kitchen.

Cooking in a busy commercial kitchen ends up generating abundant amount of dirt, solid & liquid food waste including animal fats, vegetable oils, grease and sludge (Commonly known as FOGS). If the buildups of dirt and FOGS are left unchecked, they could harm a food business in many ways. They make the kitchen gross and very unhygienic. They can also create clogs in the local water dealing process or block the sewer system of the entire neighborhood.

To resolve these issues, a comparatively small device was introduced in the 1880’s in California. And the device is known as a Grease Trap or a Grease Interceptor.

What is a Grease Trap?

Grease traps are plumbing devices mainly for commercial kitchens. The device intercepts water flow that runs from the kitchen sink towards the sewer pipes. The baffled structure of a grease trap filters and collects all the FOGS and food sludge in a component called ‘sludge tank’.

Grease traps are essential component of a commercial kitchens plumbing system. They prevent many expensive and profit-killing issues by stopping thick grease from flowing into the sewer pipes. If the grease trap of a restaurant is not working, there is a high chance of danger of a sewer backup or overflow.

In a moment like this, don’t be late to call The Grease Company to book your grease trap cleaning schedule. We have been providing grease trap cleaning service in hundreds of restaurants in your area for almost a decade. We shall take care of your grease trap issue, and bring the situation under control in no time.

Why is grease trap cleaning important?

Lack of pumping or cleaning of a grease trap can result septic system failure. And that is really bad for a restaurant or any commercial kitchen. We recommend that you should get your grease trap cleaned when 25% of a grease traps total capacity is full. Or simply, clean your grease once in every month for the device to work effectively.

Reliable Grease Trap Cleaning Company in Los Angeles

While looking for a reliable grease trap cleaning company in a city like Los Angeles, you may face several difficulties. When you search for a commercial kitchen plumbing company near your location, you may find too many options to choose from. But you can’t just rely on anyone with your valuable business.

The Grease Company has been providing plumbing services for restaurants in your area for almost a decade. Our grease trap cleaning service in Los Angeles, CA shall start with a video inspection of your grease trap. Pumping and scraping of FOG and sludges will follow along the way. Once we remove everything from the trap, our expert technicians will perform another health inspection of your device to ensure everything is working efficiently. At the end of the service, we provide our customers with a detailed report of our grease trap cleaning operation including inspection records which helps our customers to avoid citations from the local authority.

Call the Grease Company today to book your schedule. We are fast to respond, and available 24 hours every day for the convenient of our customers.

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