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UCO or Used Cooking Oils are cooking waste. Restaurants & other businesses in the food & beverage industry produce UCO in abundant amounts every day all over the USA. Cooking Oils are part of our daily food habits. We can not stop consuming cooking oils. But what we can do is handle them responsibly after they are being used.

Used cooking oils are hazardous waste. They can create different problems if treated improperly. We can not reuse cooking oils as they lose their food value, and turn toxic after being used once. If we do, that can lead us to some fatal diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, liver diseases, and even CANCER.

UCO are dangerous not only for our health but also they can be a threat to the environment of our beloved city if we don’t treat them accordingly. 

Always remember not to pour used cooking oils into the sink or throw them out in the ground with all the other garbage. Please note that UCO’s are not garbage. We can recycle them. We can make very useful & important products out of them such as biodiesel or pet foods. Plus, the way you handle your UCO affects your business and creates an impact on the view of your employees, and on the shape of how your customers see your contribution to the environment.

Did you know? It is obligatory for commercial kitchens to be equipped with the proper facility to store their used cooking oils. It is also mandatory to  hand them over to a licensed IKG Hauler (also known as UCO collector). You should never trust anyone who is neither licensed nor experience to hand over your stored UCO.


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We, the Grease Company, a licensed IKG hauler, collect UCO from different cities of California. We are experts & experienced in handling harmful elements such as cooking oil, and we make sure that the UCO’s are safely transported to the recycling facility. 

Used fryer oils are toxic and mustn’t be kept around for too long to avoid unwanted health issues. That’s why, we are fast, and available 24/7 to respond to your call and to provide emergency Used Cooking Oil collection service. Hundreds of restaurants in various cities of California trust us with their UCO, and we value their faith. Call us today to discover why THE GREASE COMPANY is the top-rated IKG Hauler in the state.  

What happens after we collect them? We collect used cooking oils from your doorstep and safely transport them to the recycling facility where they are recycled and turned into biodiesel, and pet foods. 

We also buy yellow grease and oil from food manufacturing plants, cooking oil factories, importers, exporters, transporters, etc.

It is a must for all food servicing establishments to dispose of their waste fryer oil by acquiring a licensed indelible kitchen grease IKG hauler. IKG haulers are also known as grease collectors. They are issued a license to collect and transport the oil to the proper recycling facility. The Grease Company is one of that licensed IKG providing used cooking oil collecting service in your area for a long time with maximum professionalism. Make a call, and they’ll at your doorstep to solve your problem at any time of the day.

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