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Leading choice for grease removal and plumbing specialist in California, offers comprehensive solutions for commercial kitchens. Licensed, prompt, and dedicated to excellence, ensuring seamless operations statewide.

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The Grease Company, a grease removal & plumbing specialist company is a Southern California based company serving the State of California. We are licensed by the state authority and provide services all over the state. Our areas of expertise are Grease trap cleaning/repair, Grease Interceptor cleaning & repair, UCO Collection, Grease Removal Service, Hydro Jett Plumbing, and others. In simple words, we provide every services that you commercial kitchens needs.

We Find out what our customers needs/wants, and get them the best and long term solution to their problem. As a company, The Grease Company (TGC) provides and has strategically formed a partnership with reputable servicers for convenience to our customers. The alliance we have made allows us to provide our customers with immediate response time and extended service hours when they most need our support. As grease and plumbing specialists, we understand the importance of delivering fast response time and long-term solutions for their business.

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The Grease Co. Experience

Our Guideline Principles

Embarking on a plumbing service journey with The Grease Company is an immersive encounter in customer-centricity. We are not just problem-solvers; we are your dedicated partners in plumbing tranquility.

Plumbing mishaps are disruptive, and we comprehend that dealing with an unpleasant customer service representative or technician only adds to the chaos. At The Grease Company, expect not just a service call but a symphony of professionalism, care, and efficiency. We prioritize your plumbing emergencies, orchestrating swift scheduling and resolution.

Our plumbing artisans are not just technicians; they are stewards of your home's well-being. We take meticulous steps to preserve the sanctity of your living space—from the initial wipe of our feet on our own mats to the careful donning of shoe covers upon entering your abode. A comprehensive evaluation of your plumbing situation, presented with transparent and upfront pricing, ensures that you are informed at every step.

Foundations of Integrity: As an integral part of the Neighborly™ community, The Grease Company derives its strength from a Code of Values that resonates in every action:

Respect: Imbuing interactions with the respect we would expect in return. Active listening, responding promptly, and acknowledging the importance of each voice.

Integrity: Committing only to agreements within our capacity and intent. Transparent communication about any potential adjustments to agreements. Seeking systemic corrections and presenting comprehensive solutions.

Customer Centricity: Tirelessly working to elevate both internal and external customer loyalty. Deep understanding and anticipation of customer needs in every situation.

Joy in Service: Infusing joy into our tasks, seeking opportunities to make the plumbing process not just efficient but enjoyable.

Our Covenant with You: Nestled in Buena Park, California, The Grease Company extends its unparalleled plumbing services to more than 86 cities in Southern California. Our commitment transcends mere service; it is a testament to our philosophy etched in communication, responsiveness, and steadfast values. At The Grease Company, your experience is not just a transaction; it's a narrative of distinction and excellence. We promise to listen attentively, respond swiftly, and uphold our values to ensure your journey with The Grease Company is nothing short of extraordinary.

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