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The Grease Company, a grease removal & plumbing specialist company is a Southern California based company serving the State of California. We are licensed by the state authority and provide services all over the state. Our areas of expertise are Grease trap cleaning/repair, Grease Interceptor cleaning & repair, UCO Collection, Grease Removal Service, Hydro Jett Plumbing, and others. In simple words, we provide every services that you commercial kitchens needs.

We Find out what our customers needs/wants, and get them the best and long term solution to their problem. As a company, The Grease Company (TGC) provides and has strategically formed a partnership with reputable servicers for convenience to our customers. The alliance we have made allows us to provide our customers with immediate response time and extended service hours when they most need our support. As grease and plumbing specialists, we understand the importance of delivering fast response time and long-term solutions for their business.

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A grease trap is a plumbing device, mainly used in commercial kitchens that handles grease and food waste. It's regulated that all restaurants and food servicing establishments to maintain these devices to avoid different issues.
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Grease Interceptors are plumbing devices, to intercept wastewater that flows from the kitchen sink or dishwasher and filter FOGS, and to prevent the substances from entering plumbing systems.
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Used Cooking Oil Collection

UCO or Used Cooking Oils are cooking waste that is produced in huge amounts in restaurants and other food service establishments all over the USA. It is obligatory for commercial kitchens to be equipped properly to handle their UCO
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Lack or improper cleaning of a grease trap can lead to corrosion that can cause the grease trap to leak or spill into the ground. Grease traps can be repaired when caught on time by coating it with specialty sealing coat.
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To prevent FOGS waste from entering the sewer line, all components of a grease interceptor must be in place to work effectively. If not installed properly FOGS can damage the baffle T or stand pipe. Learn More ..
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Hydro Jet

The amount of food and grease waste passing through the pipes inside a commercial kitchen can cause heavy build up leading to slow drains and overflow. Hydro jetting is be most efficient way to thoroughly restore the drainage as new.
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Some frequiently asked questions

Due its small size indoor or small grease traps below 100 gallons are fully pumped and cleaned monthly or as often as needed to keep the FOGS content levels from exceeding 25%.

The Grease Co. is a one stop shop to help you with all grease waste removal and plumbing needs.  We work with highly qualified experts that uniquely caters to food servicing establishments with commercial kitchens.

A grease trap is full when its content has reached 25% FOGS levels of its size. For instance, if your grease trap is 100 gallons once its content of FOGS is 25 gallons, it must immediately be pumped to be in compliant local regulations. Excessive FOGS content can lead to costly plumbing issues and non compliant city citation. 

If you are going to operate a commercial food servicing establishment or are going to be handling food waste, you will be required to have a device that will prevent fats, oils, grease, or food solids from entering the public sanitation line.  

Depending on the type of business or size, will determine which device will be necessary for you.  Be sure to inquire with the city you are opening a business in to see which system is necessary for your new location.

The price to clean a grease trap can vary based on the condition, size, accessibility, and availability.  Grease traps that have been neglected or has not been serviced regularly will cost more versus grease traps that are maintained regularly.  

Metal grease trap that are leaking can be repaired if the structure and component is not completely deteriorated.  

Though when a grease trap has fully rotted and its components are no longer in place or has disintegrated the only option will be to replace the unit.

Both devices are designed to trap or intercept majority of the fats, oils, grease, and food solid waste from entering the sanitary sewer line.  

What separates these devices apart is its sizing and effectiveness.  Grease traps are smaller typically lower than 50 gallons while grease interceptor sizes can vary starting from 750 gallons.

Because of its size, grease traps require more frequent monthly cleaning while grease interceptors are serviced every quarter. 

If you have recently cleaned your grease trap or grease interceptor and all of a sudden it’s starts overflowing, it is likely that the exit line from the device to the sewer may have a blockage that need to be cleared. 

To prevent or stop the overflow, we recommend hydro jetting the main line removing all obstruction and build up that is preventing the waste waste from draining into the sewer line.